I really think Ill feel better when summer starts, Ive got hope that I can hang on skype more and stream things with people and maybe have an okay job which will at least give income. I gotta stay positive!


The best proposal I’ll ever witness.


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Im on my phone so I cant reply but thanks all. I just…I dont feel better that other people feel so crappy but…I dont know. I dont know what to do with myself. Every time I get freetime I almost dread it. I feel incredibly unfulfilled


I was only mildly uncomfortable drawing Nagisa so this didn’t work out too bad

Anonymous: You said you had almei feels recently right? Do you think you could write them? Possibly pillow-talk, post-coitus or otherwise?


((Ahhh I’m sorry this is so late!!  I apologize anon.  But I wanted to do the idea justice, so I hope you enjoy it!))

Mei chuckled lightly as Al groaned and fell into the pillows next to her.  “Tired?” she asked teasingly.

"A little," he mumbled.  "You have some stamina."

She laughed softly, reaching over to run her hands through his sweaty mop of hair.  He turned to face her in the dark.  She gently brushed his bangs out of his face.  “So no second round?”

Al moaned, hiding his face again.  Laughing louder, she scrubbed at his hair.  “Mei, that was already our second.”

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Nagisa-kun, you seem to be having fun...
Go, Detective Rei-chan!


wait what

why did i draw it even

Today is national tweakers ride public transit day. God, but its not more than a little bit uncomfortable.